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Mike King, Technology & Innovation Manager – find out what else he has to say

An understanding of Google Analytics allows you not only to measure your web performance but also to improve it

How many visitors did your site get yesterday? How much revenue did your site generate? How long did people spend onsite?

Perhaps you already know the answers to these questions. If not, we can certainly help you find out but the big question would still remain – so what?

Our expertise cuts through the trivia that is so easily generated by website analytics, turning mere numbers into genuine insight and positive actions. To get the most out of digital marketing, you need to be able to see data in context and understand trends over time, across devices, between regions and against competitors. Our ultimate aim is not simply to measure your web performance; it’s to improve it.

Whether you’re running a PPC campaign with us or not, we can assist you with the implementation of Google Analytics or else provide an audit of your existing set-up. We’ll ensure that you’re able to account for what matters most to your business, be that cold-hard cash from an ecommerce site, B2B sales leads, or reassurance that users are engaging with your brand experience.

Once you have accurate and comprehensive data, we’ll be in a position to delve into the performance of your Website and your online marketing efforts, highlighting what works or naming and shaming anything that doesn’t. We’ll use A/B and multivariate testing to understand how your landing pages are performing and provide recommendations on improvements. The same methodology can be applied to your conversion funnel, allowing you to identify why it is that users are struggling to convert.

After all, your site is the linchpin of all your digital marketing efforts. If it’s not working optimally, nothing else will be.

Whatever your Analytics requirement may be, we will try to help. Get in touch for your free consultation.

Mike King from Search Star provided training on the Google Tag Manager (GTM) product which was of a very high quality and also provided consultancy that allowed us to plan a move from our legacy method of site metrics to GTM.

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