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Review Extensions are great – Search Star, Aug 2013

August 16, 2013 • Article by Fergal Crotty

Review Extensions 2

Review Extensions allow advertisers to enrich their ads with endorsements, positive reviews, rankings or awards from (reputable) 3rd party sites. They’re the latest extension-installment from Google and yet another way to create a more engaging user experience. As online marketplaces become increasingly competitive, the need to stand out from competitors is more important than ever – and ad extensions are a great way to do just that.

Not only do Review Extensions tell searchers you’re rated well by your customers – by applying an extra line to your ads you increase your SERP real estate (I think the technical term is: they make your ads bigger). Whilst that may not be the most inspiring advertising insight, if you were given an option of a small and a large billboard to advertise upon, which would you choose?

It will be interesting to see what Google qualifies as ‘reputable’ and how positive an effect Review Extensions will have on CTR (Google themselves say they saw a 10% uplift in CTR across a sample of 250 advertisers and 50 million impressions) – but one thing’s for sure, this new extension has the potential to be very effective.

In addition to boosting click-through-rates, there’s a possibility the positive testimonial will have a knock-on-effect on conversion rate – and at no additional cost, Review Extensions look like a win-win for advertisers.

We’ve spent some time this week setting up Review Extensions for our clients. Stay tuned to the Search Star blog for a data-filled, über-informative update on their performance.