One of the frustrating aspects of receiving a “Low Search Volume” status on keywords with place names attached is that we can see these search phrases in our search phrase reports, so we know that the search exists. Why, therefore, will Google not show lovely relevant ads for this highly relevant traffic?A wise and clever colleague in the world of PPC made a canny suggestion to try and get Low Search Volume campaigns moving. To wit: take away the broad match “modifier” from all keywords. This felt like heresy. We ALWAYS use the modifier (+) on our broad match keywords. It helps eliminate junk and stops Google from showing “document storage” ads for “storage” searches . Well with nothing to lose, we have tried this and it WORKED! The ads started showing. Hurray!We have yet to look at a decent sample search query report, but one plan would be to gather some data, and then slowly sneak the plus-signs back in, starting with the most important keyword (eg. document). So we would go from:+document +storage in +Aberdeen (low search volume)todocument storage Aberdeento+document storage Aberdeento+document storage +Aberdeen etc.We will report back when we have some decent feed-back. Could this be the answer to our prayers? Probably not, but we live in hope.