There is some recent research (trendily partnered with an infographic, see below) that is being widely trumpeted by the SEO community around the world. It was produced by GroupM UK research in conjunction with Nielsen and covered all of June 2011’s search data.The stand-out statistic from this analysis is that the vast majority of people click on natural results (94%) rather than paid ones (6%). On the face of it great news for search engine optimisers & bad news for pay-per-click marketers (including us here at Search Star). Or is it?For a start, 6% of 1.4 billion searches still equals a massive 84 million clicks, on paid search ads, in one month. That’s a huge amount of opportunity.Secondly, although the analysis looked at CTR by vertical (‘Airlines’ have the highest CTR in the top 3 organic positions; ‘Computers and Consumer Electronics’ receive far more clicks in lower positions), it didn’t break down the findings by types of search queries being used. However, we already know that the majority of these queries (approximately 80%) would be informational (e.g. ‘what is ppc’) with a much smaller proportion being navigational (e.g. ‘adwords login’) or transactional (‘set up adcenter account’).For example, in June 2011 (the month that this study analysed), the number 1 search term on Google was ‘Ryan Dunn’ (the Jackass star who sadly died in a car crash on June 20th). Like the majority of informational searches, there are no paid ads for this query. And if there were, chances are they would be far less relevant than natural listings, so far less likely to get clicked on. Neither are there any paid search ads displaying for “amazon”, “ebay”, “pictures of victoria pendleton” or “weather in Bristol”.So, the 84 million clicks that paid search ads are receiving each month are most likely to come from navigational or transactional queries that are leading towards commercial outcomes. And that’s good news. People in this mind-set are generally looking to buy. All that remains is to outwit your competition, and make sure they buy from you.We find that clients of ours who have a top position organic listing for highly commercial phrases (for example, ‘personal injury solicitors in London’) get more clicks from their top 3 PPC position than they do from their organic listing. Google gives the best spots on the page to PPC ads, and commercially have every interest in driving traffic to paid ads for commercially interesting terms.We’ve decided that natural results can keep their 94% of search queries, whilst over here in paid search we’ll work hard to welcome the 6% of searchers looking to convert!