On June 1st we took delivery of Google’s new Demand Side Platform (DSP) commercially known as the Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM).DBM is a game changer - if the last decade was dominated by search (primarily Adwords) the next decade is going to be all about DSPs & Doubleclick is likely to be the market leader (given that it is owned by Google).A DSP allows an advertiser an efficient single purchase point across a range of ad exchanges. DBM is a Google owned DSP and it provides efficient access to the biggest media exchanges in the world. These global exchanges trade 97% of the internet’s Ad Impressions real-time and have access to every internet user on the planet.Although DBM is a Google built platform it trades neutrally across all exchanges giving access to premium publishers like the Daily Mail, Yahoo, MSN, BBC World, Facebook, IMDB and much more.In 2003 Adwords was a ground breaking tool, it allowed advertisers to connect with customers actively searching for their product or service based on keywords. A decade later DSPs are in our view similarly ground breaking.Within a DSP cookies are the new keywords. Publishers and data warehouses have developed lists of cookie pools and demographic/behavioural targeting options that are traded so that advertisers only target people that have actively shown an interest or are highly likely to have an interest in the product or service we are selling.Since inception in 2005 Search Star has focused on no-nonsense, effective, efficient & transparent Pay-Per-Click advertising. We are applying the same values to our DBM offering. We will be transparent on costs & we will deliver great results to happy advertisers.Just as we were evangelists for search a decade ago we are now evangelists for DBM. If you fancy hearing us preach please get in touch.