For the last 18 months Google has been putting Seller Rating Extensions (gold stars) next to the adtext of advertisers who have been positively reviewed within media that Google can read.

For an example see Search Star's own PPC ads below...we practice what we preach & in the adtext below we are showing 46 positive reviews from happy clients: For e-commerce retailers the benefit of getting stars is immediately obvious with a search for “Samsung 46” TV” having 3 of the top 4 advertisers showing Seller Rating Extensions:However service providers (who stand the gain the most having customers far more interested in relative quality) use the extensions far less. A search for “Tax Accountants in London” shows no Seller Rating Extensions for any advertiser: Google has published that advertisers with Seller Rating Extensions on average get a 17% increase in click through rate. This means a 14.5% drop in CPC for exactly the same position.

- For the ecommerce people it is simple to set up an automated email to customers after each online transaction and asking for a review.

- For the service providers especially in the legal sector its more problematic – client relationships are more complex and clients can be shy of leaving “I was completely in the wrong yet Mr Solicitor won the case – 5 stars” style reviews

Across Search Star’s client base we are seeing increases in CTR % of up to 30% for services providers and up to 20% for ecommerce companies. Every client I see and every proposal that passes across my desk and I say “you need to get reviews & the stars”

Clients may say they’ll put it on the job list but often they don’t action it. Reviews are a pain...they can be labour intensive & there may be negative reviews. However an average 1% boost to CTR is massive and should always be worth it for an advertiser serious about Adwords. Sites such as make the process massively easier for small monthly fee and we'll happily guide you through the options if you get in touch.

However challenging the review collection has been our clients always see a noticeable lift in the leads and sales when they get the stars against ads. I struggle to come up with any advertiser in any category who wouldn’t want them for the increase in CTR, reduction in CPC & improved conversion that they drive.

If you have questions about how to gather them in the most efficient and effective way then please get in touch. We are seller rating extension evangelists & happy to help.