Hurray! It’s like Christmas! We’ve been wanting to see Search Funnel Data within the Adwords Interface for ages and finally we can customize columns to see this info down to keyword level. This will make determining keyword value so much easier, improving everyday account optimisations. No more downloading of complicated reports. How it helps is that we can now clearly see whether certain keywords, which appear to be expensive, actually contribute to conversions lower down the purchase/enquiry funnel. An example can be seen here:

Often generic keywords appear to have a low ROI, when in fact they have a valuable role in creating a conversion.Just as a midfielder doesn’t actually get any goals, but the strikers depend on them to pass the ball, so a keyword like “disabled baths “ may seem generic and expensive to convert compared with “baths with doors” but with search funnel data it is possible to see that “disabled baths” is often an initial search and once the searcher is more familiar with the product they are researching, they then search for and convert on the more specific “bath with door”. Without the original click from the more generic keyword the final enquiry might not have been made.If you would like to read more about this useful new data set have a look here !