Valuations are a key ladder product for any property specialist. Andrews, one of the largest in Southern England, wanted us to drive home the number of requests for valuations they received online.

Employing SearchStar as our digital media agency has been a very fruitful decision for us. Results have always been satisfying, and as a company they have always been attentive in both account management and most importantly communication.

Graham Brewer, Andrews Property Group

Andrews Property Group

Andrews Property Group is one of the UK's leading residential property specialists in Southern England, operating through over 60 offices in the UK.

Their Objectives

One of Andrews’ key objectives is to acquire customers who they can help through the process of selling their property. In order to do this an initial valuation needs to take place. Andrews therefore set us the challenge of driving and increasing both online valuations and requests for physical valuations.

Our Approach

Paid search has always been the traditional avenue for Andrews to target people looking for property valuations. However, we knew they wanted to increase volume and drive down cost per conversion to help maximise the results of their campaigns.

In February 2017, Facebook Prospecting was launched. This was interesting to us because it has meant that we have been able to tactfully target certain locations and users who have shown an interest in property selling and buying. As a result, we’ve been able to reach those not actively searching for property valuations.

The Facebook Prospecting campaign now runs alongside a Facebook remarketing campaign, as well as the usual paid search and display remarketing campaigns. These target people who are, or who are potentially, interested in valuations.

Facebook complements the use of search and display by highlighting the services of Andrews to users who may not have had the company at the forefront of their minds previously.

The Results

The use of Facebook has led to considerable improvements in results. Optimisation - testing and refining ad copy - plus keeping the costs per click lower, has led to the following achievements:

  • Physical valuations requested online +778%
  • Quick valuations requested online +419%
  • Total valuations requested online +420%
  • Valuation conversion rate +130%
  • Cost per valuation conversion -75%

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