Appeal Home Shading, felt that they were not maximising the opportunities from PPC. With our teams they experienced a 115% uplift in conversions within 5 months. 

"We had a clear brief for Search Star – increase our reach online, increase conversions and work to defined cost per conversion targets. Since their appointment in August 2017, SearchStar have consistently achieved these KPIs."

Richard Hussey, Appeal Home Shading

Appeal Home Shading

Appeal started off in 1988 as a small Bristol-based retail blinds business. 30 years later, they are multi-million nationwide suppliers of interior shading products in the UK. Their range includes conservatory blinds, electric blinds and window shutters. In 2014, Appeal launched a range of awnings, which now serves as one of the core product focuses for the business.

The Objectives

Appeal’s cost per acquisition (CPA) was at a point where widening audience reach wasn’t cost effective. What’s more, the volume of leads they were receiving across their product categories wasn’t making the most of the volume of search available.

It was our task to take over management of their digital media campaigns, targeting increased lead volumes and a reduction in CPA.

The Approach

Off the back of a full account audit, we uncovered a sizeable marketing opportunity being lost through poor budget management, as well as a lack of granularity and relevance across the account.

Our teams needed to take a step back and overhaul Appeal’s search campaigns to exploit the huge amount of search available, while engaging the audience further up the funnel who weren’t looking for these specific products, but who were within the target demographic.

As a result, every search campaign was fully-rebuilt with a focus on better performing, product-specific keywords, in addition to expanded generic search to drive cheaper clicks.

Audiences were segmented based on website engagement, enabling us to serve product-specific ads to previous site visitors through the Google Display Network. These audiences were also overlaid on search campaigns to ensure that Appeal were appearing in top positions for users who had previously engaged with the brand.

Alongside search, our Facebook team built campaigns with the sole focus of reaching a wider audience not yet aware of the electric blinds range. Using Experian data overlays, we were able to reach users with above-average house prices who had shown an interest in affluent lifestyle publications. 

As a result, ad exposure was narrowed down to those within the product’s target market, thus driving a high quality of lead.

Their Results

Since the campaign launch in August 2017, Appeal have experienced a significant uplift in the volume of conversions, a result of a higher conversion rate and drop in CPA.

Across the 5 month period, our teams have achieved a 115% increase in conversion volume, 57% uplift in conversion rate and 24% decrease in the cost per conversion.