Bearmach were struggling to make the eCommerce side of their business work. We took over their campaigns and drove home their results worldwide.

“It’s been a great move over to SearchStar and the results are clearly better than before - we should have done it sooner. I await the ‘I told you so’ from Dan the next time we meet. Luke is great so please make sure you keep hold of him.”

Richard Taberner, Director of Marketing, Bearmach


Bearmach is one of the largest online sellers of parts and accessories suitable for all Land Rover vehicles, worldwide.

Their Objectives

Traditionally, Bearmach has acted as a distributor, relying on other retailers to sell their stock. Our challenge was to replace the revenue they received from their wholesale distribution by scaling up their e-commerce activity worldwide.

Our Approach

Our first port of call was to develop a best-practice online acquisition strategy for Bearmach. Through this we deployed our tried and tested approach to media buying, leveraging the full suite of Google’s machine learning and automation tools.

Bearmach’s ambitions were to grow their sales globally. With that in mind, we focussed on key markets in the USA, UK & Australia, while ensuring that they had a worldwide digital presence.

Their Results

Through our best-practice implementation, complemented by Google’s machine learning solutions, we’ve been able to reach a far wider relevant audience.

This has led to a new period of dramatic growth for Bearmach, enabling them to focus properly on their direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.

The shift from distributor to retailer has allowed the company to grow profit margins and, in turn, invest greater amounts in lucrative digital advertising.

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