Big House Experience, purveyors of luxury accommodation, knew its paid search campaigns could perform better. SearchStar moved in - they now pay less for more conversions than ever before.

SearchStar have a winning combination of a robust data-driven approach and a team of exceptional people who really get to know your business and care about driving results. I had high hopes about what they might achieve for our business, but all expectation has been surpassed. We had a cracking year last year and we’re already set to smash through targets this year too. I’d recommend SearchStar to everyone (except our competitors) in a heartbeat.

Gareth Allen, Big House Experience

Big House Experience

Big House Experience is a holiday rental company based in Cheltenham. Specialising in large luxury properties they offer stays in hand-selected residences ranging from Scottish castles and stately homes to modern mansions.

Their Objectives

Big House Experience wanted to move the management of their Google Ads account from in-house management to SearchStar. We were tasked with increasing the efficiency of their current budget, increasing conversion volume and reducing cost per conversion (CPC).

Driving down CPC over time would enable us to deliver higher traffic volumes without increasing investment. This would be a key element of our strategy, along with expanding into previously untested areas of relevant search.

Our Approach

SearchStar completed a full account audit, identifying areas of search that had been tested and which generated results. There was a lack of granularity throughout the account structure meaning whole areas of the site and product offering had been overlooked.

The account was rebuilt and a new structure implemented, targeting all house styles, locations and house feature combinations. Additionally, we created more generic campaigns covering holiday rentals and party house search queries to capture users further up the conversion funnel. Keyword match types were used to ensure ads were triggered by highly relevant queries and to minimise wasted spend.

Using conversion data provided by Big House Experience we were able to implement demographic targeting to exclude users aged under 25 due to the client’s price point. To add an additional layer of granularity we overlaid in-market audiences, applying bid adjustments for users currently in-market for 4 and 5 star hotels, luxury products and party supplies.

Their Results

Since the campaign launch in May 2018, Big House Experience have experienced a significant uplift in conversion volume, and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) has halved. Our team has achieved a 95% increase in conversion volume, 34% uplift in conversion rate, and 49% drop in cost per conversion.

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