Traditional paid search wasn't delivering the efficiency Big House Experience were after. We implemented a smart bidding campaign that blew the roof off previous results.

"Smart Bidding is another example of Search Star’s insatiable quest to find improvements to our account performance. We’re delighted with the metrics this latest initiative has delivered and the continued strong performance we’ve seen from our paid search investment."

Gareth Allen, Big House Experience

Big House Experience

Big House Experience is a holiday rental company based in Cheltenham. Specialising in large luxury properties, they offer stays in hand-selected residences ranging from Scottish castles and stately homes to modern mansions.

Their Objectives

Big House Experience wanted to see a decrease in their cost per acquisition (CPA). They were keen for us to explore the possibility of improving cost efficiency through smart bidding strategies on Google Ads.

Our Approach

We started out by implementing the ‘Maximise Conversions’ smart bidding strategy. This strategy uses advanced machine learning to so what it says on the tin - achieve the most conversions possible within your budget.

The resulting analysis demonstrated an increase in CPCs and conversion volume. To resolve this issue, we changed tack and switched to the ‘Target CPA’ bidding strategy. This gave us access to bid cap functionality, the tool we needed to counteract the rise in CPC.

Target CPA sets bids to get as many conversions as possible at a defined target CPA. It’s available as either a standard strategy in a single campaign or as a portfolio strategy across multiple campaigns.

Analysing each campaign’s average CPC prior to the introduction of maximise conversions gave us a good starting point to set the bid caps for target CPA across all campaigns.

Their Results

Having tested and refined our initial approach, we delivered significant drops in CPC across the account, enabling Big House Experience’s budget to go further. The result was significantly a significantly lower CPA across the account.

Have you tried smart bidding and automation?

We've found that the smart bidding, automation and machine learning options available through Google Ads have helped drastically increase account performance for many of our clients. To discuss the best route for you to take, get in touch >>>