Bonnier Books UK wanted the sequel to The Chimp Paradox to hit the ground running. Swinging into action, our Amazon Advertising team delivered campaign results that made for bonny reading.

Bonnier Books UK

Bonnier Books UK is a major UK publisher, owned by the global top-15 publisher Bonnier Books. Under the imprint Lagom they publish the writing of Prof. Steve Peters, best known for The Chimp Paradox.

Their Objectives

The long anticipated sequel to The Chimp Paradox was released on Amazon in November 2018. Bonnier turned to SearchStar to ensure sales hit the ground running.

Combining pre-release and post-release activity, they wanted to reach their target audience at scale, while keeping a close eye on cost efficient sales.

Our Approach

SearchStar utilised a wide spectrum of Amazon Advertising tools to ensure a relevant audience could be reached at all stages of the purchase journey. Using the Amazon DSP, we harnessed the platform's rich transactional data to target in-market and lifestyle audiences with dynamic e-commerce ads.

This was combined with high-intent custom audiences; historic purchasers of other books by the same author and users who have viewed, but not yet bought, the new release. Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads were deployed to ensure product visibility when users were making relevant searches on Amazon.

Their Results

Over two bursts of activity, we served 2.1M impressions via the Amazon DSP, reaching over 850,000 unique users. The more conversion focused area, Sponsored Ads, saw an incredibly low cost per purchase of just £1.25. Ultimately, we delivered the efficient sales Bonnier Books UK had targeted, delivering a campaign ROAS of 316%.

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