When Bookabees subscribed to our idea of using Facebook to promote their high-value "keep" model, we knew we'd be able to tell the story of their brand to a far wider and more engaged audience. The results were magical.

“Search Star and Jo were a breath of fresh air. Enthusiastic, pragmatic and knowledgeable. They treated our budgets like they were their own. We quickly built a great relationship and I implicitly trusted them enabling me to give them the space to work their magic.”

Adrian Dawe, Founder, Bookabees


Bookabees is a subscription book club for children. It’s purpose is to keep storytelling magical with a monthly box of handpicked books and activities.

Their Objectives

Bookabees wanted to refresh their current paid media activities, which were beginning to stagnate. More importantly, Bookabees wanted to push their “keep” subscription model, and drive more customers towards this higher-value option.

Our Approach

Our first move was to audit Bookabees’ accounts in an effort to uncover missed opportunities. With this approach we identified wasted search spend, which meant that an account rebuild delivered an immediate performance improvement.

And while Bookabees already had the Facebook pixel in place, it wasn’t being used to its full potential. Accordingly, our analytics team implemented a range of advanced features, including Lifetime Value and Subscription Choices, which meant we could single out those objective-critical “Keep” subscribers in audience creation.

The campaigns were rebuilt with Facebook’s best practices in mind, across both Instagram and Facebook mobile feed and Stories formats. Value-based lookalikes were created to optimise towards higher-value customers more likely to be “Keep” subscribers, with the new pixel data constantly feeding data to Facebook to improve audience quality.

Going above and beyond, we also introduced a YouTube campaign targeting parents of young children. This approach helped create multiple brand touchpoints and tell the Bookabees story to new customers through an engaging medium.

Their Results

Subscriptions were up 12.7% across paid media in month one alone, with the new search campaigns delivering a 19.6% reduction in CPA year-on-year, and a 94% increase in CTR.

Conversion rate for Facebook traffic increased 60.2% compared to the previous period, showing an improvement in traffic quality. Furthermore, the client saw a higher uptake in “Keep” subscriptions compared to other packages, with the proportion shifting from 4:1 to 1:1.