Boxclever Press had seen fantastic returns from their Amazon activity, and wanted the same from their previously stationary performance on paid search and social. Our team got things moving again.

"SearchStar is the perfect balance of knowledge, enthusiasm and connections. They are an agency who bring great opportunities to businesses of all sizes. By far the best agency experience I have had after having worked with agencies for more than 10 years. Well done SearchStar - an exciting chapter for our business and yours!"

Faye Cooper, Boxclever Press

Boxclever Press

Boxclever Press create and design stationery products for busy people. Their range of products includes calendars, organisers, diaries and planners – everything you need to stay on track and organised.

Their Objectives

In August 2018, Boxclever Press enlisted our help to develop a digital media approach that encompassed both paid search and social media advertising in order to support their existing activity on Amazon.

Our primary objective was to increase the volume of direct sales through the website, helping their customers associate their newly acquired products with the Boxclever Press brand itself.

Our Approach

Taking over the Boxclever Press accounts, we discovered a heavy reliance on Dynamic Search Ads, together with a lacklustre Google Shopping structure. The account lacked the diversity, keyword coverage and granular structure that was required to increase direct sales.

Rebuilding the accounts to ensure better keyword coverage, we implemented a campaign structure that allowed us to report clearly and efficiently. We also took this opportunity to improve ad relevance and deliver copy that aligned with their product range and brand.

These changes enabled Boxclever Press to increase investment through Google and Bing. They knew that doing so would now drive relevant, in-market users to the site, while also increasing their customer’s affiliation to the Boxclever Press brand.

In addition to paid search, we recognised that the visual nature of Facebook and Instagram suited the Boxclever Press product range. Identifying the opportunity, we implemented a Facebook advertising platform campaign, bolstering brand awareness and driving sales.

Their Results

A more suitable implementation of Paid Search campaigns, alongside visual brand activity across Facebook and Instagram has seen Boxclever Press achieve against all their core objectives. Revitalising their campaigns, our teams delivered a 241% increase in revenue through paid channels, a 12% uptick in new users and an ROAS increase of 10%.