Buzzmove wanted to increase the efficiency of their paid search campaigns. Embracing automation fully, we homed in on user locality to do just that.

“We have been extremely impressed by SearchStar’s work, but even more-so by their dedication and fundamental understanding of our business needs. We have seen a marked improvement in performance, and both Sian and Grace have been imperative to this uptick. Sian’s work in automating our account was superb and is now paying dividends.”

Colin Martinho, Buzzmove


Buzzmove is an instant price-comparison and booking site for removals. They help people and businesses across the UK connect with removals providers best suited to their needs and location, to make moving easier.

Their Objectives

Removals is a location sensitive market. Buzzmove wanted to keep this front of mind within their UK-wide digital activity. Paid search campaigns needed to have national coverage, but resonate with the customer, regardless of location.

Through partnerships with so many removals providers, Buzzmove were sitting on a treasure trove of data they didn’t know how to use. Our objective was to harness this business data, combine it with our digital expertise and deliver improved efficiency, alongside a location-first approach.

Our Approach

First up was a Google Ads account rebuild, with location granularity as the focus. Using location targeting we were able to better structure our campaigns and use dynamic ad customisers to serve relevant ad copy across every location.

This approach meant we had an increased level of control over the Google Ads campaigns, allowing us to push budget, adjust bids and completely pause ads for individual locations.

But most importantly, we fully embraced automation. Combining campaign performance stats with Buzzmove’s internal data, we adopted an algorithmic approach to bidding. This strategy had a built-in feedback loop that took both conversion rate and potential lead value into consideration to calculate an optimum CPC bid.