Analytics training and Google Tag Manager implementation from SearchStar really paid off for Creditcall...

About Creditcall

A payment service provider and payment gateway offering credit card authorisation and settlement services to the major banks and processors in the UK, US and Canada.


With their existing implementation of Google Analytics, Creditcall were unable to meet their measurement needs. They needed to measure video views, publication downloads, and the impact of social media. On top of that, the cost of adding tags was a prohibitive factor as any changes to the CMS incurred extensive costs. This expense limited Creditcall’s investment in skills to interpret reports or to implement customisations needed to capture data for decision making.


SearchStar were engaged to provide in house training, Google Tag Manager set-up and tag migration. This included site mapping, container configuration, custom tag development, pre-production testing and the setup of key GA features and integration of Web Master Tools.

Ultimately Creditcall decided that the European markets were not performing as well as the American markets. They decided to reduce their PPC spend in Europe, and move the majority of the budget to target the USA.

As a result of the increased PPC budget available for the USA market, Creditcall increased their bids and were able to take more of the ad space. As a result, interactions across the site increased significantly.