Edinburgh Airport wanted an innovative way to engage its airport parking audience. SearchStar put cutting-edge echo remarketing in place to create a personalised ad campaign that would really resonate.

"SearchStar have done wonders with our campaigns, increasing volume and significantly reducing our cost of acquisition. Their market knowledge - particularly in the airport parking vertical - is excellent, and a quick call to them often provides invaluable insight.

"In addition to achieving the numbers, our account management has been exemplary and highly pro-active. As a customer of many companies and agencies, the SearchStar relationship is the one we never have any concerns about - we know our search is sorted and we can spend time on other areas of the business instead."

Alec Hodgson, Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport, with 13.4 million passengers using it in 2017. Car parking is a major revenue stream for the airport, but this is subject to heavy competition from “unofficial” parking providers.

The Objectives

With internet booking for parking now the norm, Edinburgh Airport needed to find innovative ways to reach and engage the right users online and ahead of the competition.

Edinburgh Airport’s Google Analytics data showed that almost 80% of their online parking revenue came from returning users: those who had previously visited the Edinburgh Airport website.

What was needed was a means of reaching previous site visitors and engaging them more effectively than the competition. This had to be done within the constraints of tight ROAS targets.

Our Approach

SearchStar had already run standard remarketing activity for Edinburgh Airport, but we knew that increasing its performance required a greater degree of creative personalisation.

We employed the Echo Remarketing tool to provide the personalisation our ads needed. Echo Remarketing uses a cookie rather than a feed to determine dynamic ad content and ensure relevancy of advertising.

When a user is shown a parking quote on the Edinburgh Airport Parking website, the quote information is matched with a Google cookie stored on their browser.

The exact quote information is then pulled into a dynamic banner and served to the individual should they leave the site without booking. The browser’s Google cookie is recognised and the relevant quote details are returned, saving the customer time and cutting down on the obstacles to purchase.

Their Results

The introduction of dynamic creative via Echo Remarketing had a clear impact on efficiency. Compared to previous “static” remarketing display creative, Echo-driven ads saw ROAS more than double, while the average cost-per-booking for remarketing activity fell by 35%.

Spurred on by the success of this degree of personalisation, we helped the client develop similarly personalised ads for new users targeted by prospecting display campaigns.

This has markedly increased the volume of users reaching the quote page, helping to grow our remarketing audience and reducing display cost-per-booking yet further.

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