Glasgow Airport were facing strong competition in Search. Using the latest automated bidding strategies from Google, we set them on a more ambitious flight path.

“I’m delighted with the results that Harriet and the team have achieved using the Maximise Conversions bidding strategy. This functionality combined with the ongoing efforts of SearchStar have made a real difference to our paid media activity. Underpinning their work is a strong relationship with both Google and Bing, which helps informs our strategy and is invaluable.”

Fraser Ralston, Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport is the 8th busiest airport in the UK, with 9.7 million passengers passing through every year. Driving revenue through parking is hugely important to Glasgow, but in the same way as other airports they face fierce competition from “unofficial”, off-site parking providers.

Their Objectives

Glasgow were facing increasingly strong competition in the search auction across their top performing keywords. This meant they were having to consistently increase their bids to maintain a hold on the top position and sustain a strong impression share.

With fixed budgets, Glasgow were limited in how much they were able compete with the competition, and often found themselves losing out due to budget limitations. It was our job to reduce CPCs and put their search campaign back on the right track.

Our Approach

Until now, we’d been running Glasgow’s most important campaigns on an enhanced CPC (eCPC) bidding strategy. But due to our budget limitations, we wanted to test switching over to Maximise Conversions.

Using a range of signals, the Maximise Conversions bidding strategy tailors bids to the individual user, and for Glasgow would drive as many car parking bookings (conversions) as possible within a set daily budget.

Their Results

Our approach meant we were able to bid for the top position on Glasgow’s core terms, but only for the searches most likely to convert. This meant we were able to maximise Glasgow’s budget and deliver a far greater number of clicks and conversions for a spend 23% lower.

This approach worked even better an anticipated delivering a cost per click (CPC) 33% lower than before, while at the same time increasing the number of bookings by 47%. In turn, Glasgow’s cost per acquisition (CPA) fell 48% and their ROAS skyrocketed 86%, delivering a revenue uptick of 43%.