Respected experts in talent, Gordon Poole knows a good advertising agency when it sees one. Motivated to take the account to the next level, our implementation of Google Ads automation is yet another compelling case for machine learning.

“Our long-standing relationship with SearchStar continues to provide excellent results in line with our objectives. In SearchStar we have a partner that continually works to improve our digital media campaigns, and their recent account-wide implementation of the latest automation tools demonstrates their drive to stay ahead of the curve. As ever, I couldn’t be happier with the both the service and results that Bexley and the SearchStar team provide.”

James Poole, Managing Director, Gordon Poole

Gordon Poole

The Gordon Poole Agency is a well-respected entertainment talent supplier to the corporate market and media industry. A family-owned business, they both source and represent talent for conferences, television shows, book deals and personal appearances.

Their Objectives

Gordon Poole’s core marketing objective is to attract leads – in this case from paid search – to support the lucrative referral business they have built up over the past 50 years. Their ideal lead could be anything from a business looking for an after-dinner speaker, to a company looking for the perfect candidate to represent their brand in an advert.

Having worked with Gordon Poole for a number of years, their search campaigns were in rude health, delivering a consistently good lead volume. But if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. We wanted to demonstrate that our search campaigns could deliver account growth, and not just consistency.

Our Approach

Having spent time refining Gordon Poole’s account as much as humanly possible, theirs made a compelling case for trialling an Automated Bidding strategy. This approach harnesses thousands of data points, using artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust bids in a campaign.

Automated Bidding enables us to be more agile and puts us in a position to ensure that we receive the premier placement for users most likely to convert. In this case, we opted for a strategy that maximises the amount of conversions for the budget spent.

And yet, despite our confidence in Google’s algorithm, it still pays to be cautious when moving to a new bidding strategy. The problem? Rushing into automation puts the account at risk of delivering fewer leads should the test not go as planned. Opting for a more cautious approach, we initially selected two campaigns to test. This allowed us to put less reliance on the new campaigns whilst we were optimising the results.

Their Results

In this case, the introduction of Automated Bidding strategies has made Gordon Poole’s account significantly more efficient. Fundamentally, they have enabled us to be able to bid higher, and more dynamically, when an auction was worth more, and had a higher likelihood of converting.

As a result, our work with artificial intelligence has saved Gordon Poole 13% in spend, while reaching a more relevant and ready to convert audience. Indeed, conversion rate is up 41% year-on-year, and the campaign has driven 30% more leads. In turn, cost per lead has dropped 34% year-on-year.

Are You Automated?

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