This London law firm were running criminally low on leads. When SearchStar made the case for new landing pages they saw their enquiries increase more than 200%...

About Hodge Jones & Allen

Hodge Jones & Allen are an award-winning London-based law firm with a passion for civil liberties.


With an increasing reliance on third party lead providers, Hodge Jones & Allen approached SearchStar and asked us to take control of their new business pipeline.


Hodge Jones & Allen had a well-designed website, but it lacked one crucial thing: effective landing pages. SearchStar seized the opportunity to develop more relevant, niche landing pages, this time with clear USPs and a more prominent enquiry form. A/B tests were run to assess the impact and performance of the new pages.

The landing page tests delivered impressive results:

  • Conversion rate increased by 588%
  • Lead volume increased by 212%
  • CPA fell over the initial 3 months by 76%

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