A global company based in Melbourne, Intrepid Travel’s EMEA campaigns were sadly neglected. We delivered a 161% increase in year-on-year revenue growth.

“We've seen huge growth online across a number of channels based on the work that the guys at SearchStar have done. They're proactive, forward thinking and results driven. It's a pleasure working with them."

James Markwell, Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel Group

Intrepid are the world's largest small-group adventure travel company. But while they are a household name in South East Asia and Australasia, Intrepid aren't known for their B2C product in Europe.

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The Objectives

Aware that their Australia-run EMEA advertising campaigns weren't performing well, Intrepid handed them to a new European management team. They, in turn, appointed SearchStar.

Intrepid had bold UK revenue growth targets in mind when they came to us. While they had been investing heavily in paid search, we found their approach was heavily automated and far from optimised.

It became abundantly clear that there was significant opportunity to achieve, and exceed, Intrepid’s targets for EMEA B2C awareness and sales.

The Approach

The initial account audit showed that Intrepid had been significantly undervaluing its mobile traffic. A more intelligent attribution model that would take into account the importance of ‘soft conversions’ (e.g. shortlisting trips) was needed.

Collecting data through all Intrepid owned websites, the extent to which paid search from all devices drove bookings became clear. With an appreciation of the importance of generic campaigns, our team used Google’s data driven attribution model to optimise spend more efficiently than ever before.

But PPC is only part of the story. The purchase journey of Intrepid customers is unusually long, therefore we knew that revenue would increase if they remained front-of-mind. Using programmatic, social and video ads we created continuity for customers across platforms to significantly raise brand awareness and drive bookings.

Their Results

Intrepid UK’s digital revenue had previously always lagged behind that of its Australian and US counterparts. That changed in January 2017 when we delivered Intrepid UK’s best seven days in nearly 30 years of operation.

In the following months our team continued to deliver incremental performance improvements for Intrepid's account. This culminated in early 2018, when we helped deliver over £1 million of revenue in a single day of their January sale.

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