National logistics business Menzies Response wanted to improve their conversion tracking set up, while driving more leads for their highest value service. We delivered.

“From the outset it has been a pleasure to work with SearchStar; they have delivered everything requested and much more. Our website has seen a noticeable increase in paid search traffic and the better implementation of form and call tracking has been indispensable in proving the value of their work with our PPC campaigns.”

James Brown, Menzies Response

Menzies Response

Menzies Response are a leading full-service logistics company with depots up and down the UK.

Their Objectives

The most lucrative leads for Menzies Response are for end-to-end order fulfilment. They wanted to generate more of these high-value enquiries with PPC, while better tracking conversions via their website.

Our Approach

To create strong foundations for our campaign we implemented Google Tag Manager to rebuild the client’s tracking of form submissions and, most crucially, begin call tracking. With call leads being the most important for Menzies Response, we understood that they would be the most important KPI to track.

Better able to track the leads generated by PPC campaigns our focus shifted to providing better quality order fulfilment leads. This was achieved by targeting more granular fulfilment keywords kept in separate ad groups with more relevant ad copy.

Aware of the national nature of high-value order fulfilment we prioritised the creation of location-based ads to improve relevancy to the user. These would automatically pull through each user’s location into the ad copy, making the company feel closer to home while also reflecting the nationwide servicing available.

Their Results

A combination of more relevant advertising and properly implemented call tracking we’ve seen the number of leads generated by PPC increase by 625% year on year.

While such large improvements are partly the result of better tracking, we’ve also overseen a fulfilment lead form submission increase of 45%. Additionally, non call-based leads are up 250% year on year.

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