Meyer wanted to understand how their paid channels interlinked. Through us they got full access to the Amazon Attribution beta...

"The introduction of the Amazon Attribution tool to our paid media activity has been really insightful and provided us with a lot more transparency on how our different media channels influence each other. As a result, we have been able to understand cross-channel performance and results, and therefore make more informed decisions about budgets and their allocation by channel."

Stephanie Dilworth, eCommerce Manager, Meyer Group

Meyer Group Ltd.

Meyer has been a global leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative cookware for over 30 years. They own some of the largest and best-known cookware brands in the world such as Circulon, Prestige and Joe Wicks Cookware.

Their Objectives

Meyer initially came to SearchStar looking for the expertise to improve and expand their paid Amazon activity. Following their success on Amazon, Meyer sought to expand our partnership across paid search and social.

With management of all channels under our belts, we were interested to see how the various different channels interlinked and affected each other. For instance, would putting budget into one channel would have a positive impact on a different channel’s performance.

The main goal here was to move away from siloed budgets and campaigns, and towards a more fluid and holistic approach to Meyer’s paid media.

Our Approach

Our first action was to apply for Meyer to be whitelisted onto the new Amazon Attribution beta. Once approved, our teams were able to tag up Meyer’s Google and Facebook campaigns with the Amazon specific click tags.

This approach gave us the ability to track sales and revenue from users who began their journey with a Google or Facebook click, but ultimately converted on Amazon.

Their Results

Amazon Attribution tracking uncovered previously non-attributed sales and revenue occurring on Amazon. Factoring these sales into our Google and Facebook reporting we saw a 54% increase in revenue and a 48% decrease in CPA.

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