Meyer Group Ltd. wanted to improve the efficiency and success of their Amazon Advertising activity. We cooked up the perfect solution.

“SearchStar have helped us navigate the complexities of advertising and search on Amazon, ensuring we have the right campaigns running alongside budgetary control. Within a few short weeks we have seen our metrics vastly improve from our own campaign set up - running at an average ACoS of circa 15% - to now achieving 8% across our brands.

"SearchStar have kept us updated through the campaign set up and ongoing running with easy to understand reporting tools and weekly direct contact and we’re hoping to roll out their expertise across our wider direct Ecomms retail business.”

Laura Starkie, Digital Sales Channel Manager, Meyer Group Ltd.

Meyer Group Ltd.

Meyer has been a global leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative cookware for over 30 years. They own some of the largest and best-known cookware brands in the world such as Circulon, Prestige and Joe Wicks Cookware.

Their Objectives

Having tested Amazon Sponsored Ads in-house to drive sales on, Meyer were looking for the expertise to improve and expand their advertising approach on the ecommerce platform.

With tight efficiency targets and long-term growth plans, their account needed rebuilding and refining to reach its potential.

Our Approach

SearchStar rebuilt Meyer’s Amazon campaigns with a focus on product and keyword granularity. This ensured optimal relevance for the user searching on Amazon.

This new structure also allowed us to manage budgets and bids more efficiently. We were able to focus investment on particular brands, products, and keywords that were driving the highest return. At the same time, we could pull back on areas that were less lucrative, minimising budget wastage.

We utilised both automated and manual targeting on Amazon. These two strategies together allowed us to hone in on specific keywords, while retaining the ability to uncover new search terms.

Their Results

Meyer had wanted efficient growth from their Amazon Advertising activity. And our best practice approach, incorporating both manual and automated (machine learning) targeting, delivered in spades.

  • Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) dropped by 36%
  • Sales increased by 82%
  • Spend dropped by 39%

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