This retail bank needed help with their mobile conversion rates. Consultancy from SearchStar proved a worthwhile investment and increased applications by 195%...

“Search Star’s landing page optimisation took our AdWords performance to the next level, reducing costs while also increasing lead volume. We have subsequently increased media budget by 66%.”

Rachel Scheuber – Digital Marketing Manager Moneyway

About Moneyway

Moneyway is an established UK retail bank offering a range of lending solutions and deposit and fee-based current accounts to UK customers who may not be adequately served by other banks.


Moneyway’s application process was unresponsive and looked dated. This meant conversion rate on mobile devices was significantly lower than that of both desktop and tablet. As the responsive version of the application form was still in development, Moneyway needed a mobile friendly landing page that captured key details quickly.


SearchStar created multiple responsive landing pages with ease of conversion for mobile users in mind. Using a combination of Google Analytics and AdWords conversion code, performance of these pages was tracked in detail, allowing SearchStar to determine page factors that increased conversion rate.

When a loan amount was present in the users initial search query, this was dynamically added to the landing page to increase relevancy and conversion rate.

At the end of the first month's trial, Moneyway saw a 195% increase in account applications from mobile platforms.