Feeling constrained by the local nature of the conveyancing industry, My Home Move asked SearchStar to conceive a new search strategy. We brought the house down.

“If you are looking for a search agency who really know their stuff then here they are. Specialists in PPC, they have helped us build a digital marketing strategy that continues to grow in effectiveness across all devices. Highly recommended.”

Neal Preece, MyHomeMove Conveyancing

MyHomeMove Conveyancing

MyHomeMove Conveyancing (MHM) is now the UK’s largest property conveyancing firm - no mean feat given the traditionally local nature of its industry.

Their Objectives

MHM was born of the ambition of the owners of 1st Property Lawyers to move upmarket. The future was low-volume and high-margin, with the path of premium forecast to be more profitable.

It was assumed that PPC couldn’t drive valuable traffic to a high-end conveyancing service, and our budgets halved. We remained optimistic.

Our Approach

Guided by AdWords GCLID tracking we were able to identify that location-specific search (‘property conveyancing in Manchester’) was by far the most valuable.

The challenge? That local search would land at a Leicester-based business, even if the user was buying a flat in Aberdeen. We met it head on with one of the most robust location campaigns ever built.

Targeting over 10,000 UK locations, our ads emphasised that MHM could offer expert advice in those areas. Then, our conversion team built a dynamic landing page that would change to reflect the location the user had searched for.

Taking our campaign even further, our teams made use of Google ad customisers, which enabled us to adapt text ads to reflect a user’s search query based on IP address.

The Results

Far from a halved budget, our hyper-granular local search campaign has been so successful we are now working with 3 times the initial search investment.

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