This travel agency's bookings have been Nonstop since SearchStar took over their PPC campaigns and increased YoY results 16%

SearchStar have made a real effort to understand our business. The approach is professional and very accommodating, and they have made a real impact on our account in only a short space of time. We envisage this being a long term relationship that delivers.

Ellen Sanders, Marketing Director, Nonstop Ski & Snowboard

About Nonstop Ski & Snowboard

Nonstop are a multi award winning company that specialise in helping people achieve their ski or snowboard dreams. Whether you're looking for ski instructor courses, snowboard instructor courses, a career break, gap year or holiday, they have got something for you.


Nonstop came to us to manage their PPC account and one thing that became clear was that this was an increasingly competitive market and therefore bids, clicks and conversions costs were all high. We worked with them to understand their business goals, which was to offer their advice and services to the people who need and want it but at a manageable cost.

A key point of interest for us was to increase the Quality Score because having a high Quality Score not only means your ads and keywords are relevant but it also means you can end up paying less than the going bid cost for a top position. We re-built the entire account working on making each ad specific to one type of keyword set but did this to a very granular level.


The Quality Score in the first month increased by 16% and has since continued to improve. The year on year metrics for the first four months of us managing the account speak volumes for the importance of relevance and quality score.

  • Click through rate is up 67%
  • Cost per click is down 38%
  • Average position has increased by an average of 42%
  • Bookings have increased by 16%