Oak Furniture Land weren’t getting everything out of paid search. They needed a fresh perspective in order to boost performance. Fortunately, we were able to provide some additional polish.

“SearchStar provided us with a PPC audit, which showed areas we thought were covered within the account. Their work has led to great efficiencies in Quality Score, leading to lower average cost per click.

"We have also been pleased with the display work they did to help promote our Nursery ranges. This has led to our expanding the activity to the rest of the business and we are very excited to see the results.”

Vikki Chave, Oak Furniture Land

Oak Furniture Land

Oak Furniture Land have seen fantastic growth since their inception in 2006, and are now the UK’s largest retailer of solid hardwood furniture, fulfilling over 400,000 orders every year.

Their Objectives

Oak Furniture Land had long dominated the paid search landscape, but increased competition, rising CPCs, and an ever more demanding customer base meant that resting on their laurels was not an option. Their in-house team was keen to know what more could be done to maintain and grow market share without causing costs to spiral out of control.

Our Approach

The first step we took was to complete an exhaustive audit of their existing paid search accounts. This enabled us to see where problems lay and to assess the potential impact of making changes to the account.

After presenting the findings of the audit, we worked with the client to set-out a timetable of actions that would address the issues identified in the audit. Tasks were shared out between the client and the agency, depending on who was best suited to each job, though we took on additional responsibility if client resource was stretched.

Daily calls and weekly meetings ensured that progress was continuous and coordinated but, even when all issues from the initial audit had been dealt with, it was clear that the client would benefit from ongoing support and that there was scope for their digital activity to develop further.

A new timetable was devised to plan out development work – moving into new keyword groups, products, geographies and audiences – while increasing the degree of testing conducted on the account. Alongside this, we assisted on day-to-day tasks of account management, which meant that the client could maintain a relatively slimline in-house team for such a large account. We also had the time available to provide in-depth analysis of more intricate aspects of the account in order to help meet specific challenges faced by the client.

Outside of paid search, we proposed, planned and ran significant levels of innovative programmatic display and video activity through the DoubleClick suite (now Google Marketing Platform), as well as paid social ads on Facebook and Twitter. This represented a clear advance in sophistication over what the client had previously managed through the Google Display Network.

Their Results

The initial “tidy-up” work carried out following the audit gave the client confidence to scale paid search spend and regain market share in an increasingly competitive industry. Optimisation work in the first year saw a doubling of paid search conversion rate, which provided a much better base to increase bids and budgets and be more aggressive in the market. This continued to grow with our ongoing support and analysis.

Crucially, SearchStar were on hand to provide essential support during critical sales periods – Black Friday, Bank Holidays – and make a success of them.

The introduction of more sophisticated display, video and social activity became a core part of overall digital activity and helped grow market share by efficiently increasing awareness and consideration of Oak Furniture Land – rather than simply relying on search to deliver sales at the bottom of the funnel.

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