Oak Tree Mobility wanted a trusted partner to look after their PPC, SearchStar got their campaigns moving with 223% more leads

"We were looking to get better results from our PPC advertising, and I'd heard that SearchStar were highly regarded. We have been delighted with Matt Oliver and his team, who have helped us significantly increase our online presence. The guys at SearchStar are always helpful, knowledgeable, and full of good ideas. I would certainly recommend them to any business looking to bolster its PPC campaigns."

Ricky Towler, Oak Tree Mobility

About Oak Tree Mobility

Oak Tree Mobility is a mobility company operating across the UK, specialising in recliner chairs, adjustable beds and stairlifts


Oak Tree Mobility had previously been handling the PPC in-house, and whilst they were conscious that there was plenty of untapped potential within the online channel, they were reluctant to outsource as they felt that nobody knew their business as well as themselves. 

There is often a perception that agencies are swift to get clients to sign long term contracts without taking the time to learn about the business and their objectives first. We set out to get rid of this perception, and were tasked with two main objectives: 

1. Reduce the cost per lead

2. Increase the volume of leads being generated from the website


In order to achieve these goals we rebuilt the entire account, putting into place a granular structure. To do this effectively we took the time to meet Oak Tree multiple times whilst we were building the account; this ensured that we understood as much about the business as possible, what they hoped to get from their PPC spend, and exactly who their target audience was.

Taking the time at the start to work closely with client allowed us to create a structure that maximised quality scores as well as efficiciently optimise bids based on which search terms are converting. This is very much an ongoing process, and we still meet up every month to see how we can improve the account.

As a result of the new structure, we reduced the cost per lead by 24.3% for non-brand search terms and as a consequence we were able to increase the budget and raise the number of leads generated by 223%. CTR for non-brand search also improved from 1.04% to 1.45% YOY. 

We also looked to maximise the own brand activity as lots of clicks were being lost due to competitor bidding. This resulted in a 70.30% increase in clicks for own brand search and a 72.50% increase in leads. CTR increased from 40.57% to 47.52%.