Paid search was performing well for Oak Tree Mobility. And yet, there was very clear scope for elevating performance without significant investment.

"Thank you for the recent work that you did on our landing pages for the website. They’re clearly working far more efficiently and I’ve been very pleased with the positive impact it has had on the business.

"We’re now able to increase our digital advertising spend as a result.”

Ricky Towler, Oak Tree Mobility

Oak Tree Mobility

As a mobility specialist, Oak Tree Mobility specialises in empowering its customers to enjoy the independence they deserve.

Their Objectives

While our team had been managing Oak Tree Mobility’s paid search for 18 months, we weren’t satisfied that the traffic being delivered was converting as well as it could.

Rather than continue in a vein of incremental improvement, our conversion specialists were itching to take a look under the hood where they expected to find a much bigger opportunity.

Our Approach

As an existing client, our team already had a firm understanding of Oak Tree Mobility’s analytics. Further analysis of the available data helped us derive insight into why their website wasn’t converting to its potential.

Using this insight, our conversion team conducted a best practice review of Oak Tree Mobility’s most valuable landing pages. This data-driven approach, combined with input from business stakeholders fed into a new landing page wireframe design.

Working with an external web developer, our tailored landing page template was brought to life. Taking the place of its disappointing predecessor, it delivered a marked uptick in conversion for Oak Tree Mobility.

The Results

On average, with improved landing pages across their product range, the conversion rate of Oak Tree Mobility’s website more than doubled. Existing traffic is new working harder, and greater returns will be seen from further investment in paid search channels.

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