Oak Tree Mobility wanted to compete better with its local competitors. Through better landing page implementation we delivered a conversion rate increase of 23%.

“At Oak Tree Mobility our customers value local service, and with our dedicated home consultants we are able to provide this. However, as a national brand it can be challenging to communicate this to potential customers.

"With the help of SearchStar, we implemented automatically generated location-based landing pages that complemented our PPC adverts and provided reassurance to website visitors. Since doing this, we have seen an uplift in results from these pages and couldn’t be happier!”

Ricky Towler, Oak Tree Mobility

Oak Tree Mobility

As a mobility specialist, Oak Tree Mobility specialises in empowering its customers to enjoy the independence they deserve.

Their Objectives

As a national mobility brand, Oak Tree Mobility competes with other national brands as well as thousands of local suppliers.

Initial research identified that a significant portion of the target market preferred to “go local”. We were, therefore, tasked with making Oak Tree Mobility appear local, but on a national scale.

Fundamentally, Oak Tree Mobility wanted to generate as many online brochure requests as possible. That meant making their prospective customers’ experience appear obviously local.

Our Approach

Mobility is an incredibly competitive search market. If we were going to improve brochure download numbers, we needed to make the entire advertising journey feel as “local” as possible.

We already knew how well dynamic landing pages could perform, and recommended dynamically inserting each user’s specific location into the main headline of the core landing page.

This approach had the impact of making the user journey immediately and clearly more local.

By adding a dynamic location ID as a URL parameter, we were able to utilise the Google Fusion Table API. This meant we could pull a user’s location into the landing page headline, increasing relevancy and conversion rates.

Their Results

Through this approach, comparing month-on-month performance, we’ve seen a significant leap in conversion rates for online brochure requests (+23%), as well as a decrease in the cost per lead (-6%).

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