Party Packs were concerned that they were no longer seeing the same returns from advertising. During November and December, our campaigns delivered a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 800%.

“ROAS has always been a focus for us and working closely with Gemma, particularly over the last 6 months, has had a really positive impact on this. Gemma is a knowledgeable account manager and great to work with. We look forward to Gemma's continued support with our PPC strategy. Thanks Gemma!"

Miranda Ryder, Party Packs

Party Packs

Partying since 1986, Party Packs are the UK’s largest online party supplies distributor and have been working with SearchStar since 2015.

The Objectives

Party Packs were becoming concerned that they were no longer seeing the return on advertising spend of previous years. The problem? Increasing competition from larger companies like Amazon and Argos who boast a competitive product range and pricing.

Ultimately, that meant that it was costing Party Packs an increasing amount for their advertising to remain in the same top position year on year. With the sales-critical Q4 fast approaching they set us a target of a 600% return for the period.

The Approach

Clearly, the path to success wasn’t to be found in increased spend. Instead, we changed our strategy to target users more likely to convert by overlaying target ROI across generic terms and increasing impression share among previous visitors and those similar to them.

Meanwhile, our new advertising creative featured offer-heavy headlines to encourage free delivery over a certain spend, while the wholesale B2B account was rebuilt with compelling calls to action.

Their Results

Often, we see the best results in the face of adversity. And with new audiences in place we found that Party Packs’ advertising experienced a 122% increase in click through rate, alongside a conversion rate uplift of 82%.

The knock-on effect of this surge in advertising efficiency was a far greater ROAS than expected. In fact, during November and December our advertising delivered an 800% return on spend.

In practice, our successes in partnership with Party Packs meant that we were actually asked to turn off campaigns because they had simply sold out of product. For instance, our paid search has been attributed to a record £22,717 of Christmas cracker sales.

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