Google Smart Shopping appealed to Proporta. We showed them that claims of dramatically improved ROAS were anything but phoney.

“Smart Shopping was something that was on our radar, but it was unclear whether it would be appropriate for our business. The team at Search Star were great at explaining the placement of such ads and how our marketing efforts could benefit through these new campaigns. Early results indicate that Smart Shopping campaigns are already providing a nice boost to our account. We’re currently in the process of rolling it out across all of our brands.”

Joe Thomas, Proporta


Proporta is a market-leading mobile accessories designer and retailer with over twenty years’ experience in the industry. Proporta works with fashion, technology and lifestyle brands to bring consumers quality and stylish products.

Their Objectives

Proporta wanted to increase overall return on ad spend (ROAS) across their Google Ads account. SearchStar recognised that there was an underlying issue of rising cost per click (CPC), causing cost per acquisition (CPA) to increase over time, impacting ROAS negatively.

Our Approach

Having seen positive results from Google Ads smart bidding technology, we looked to implement a Smart Shopping campaign, tested alongside a Target ROAS bidding strategy to achieve Proporta’s objectives.

Smart Shopping is a campaign type that combines placements across both Google Shopping and display placements to appear in search results, the display network, YouTube and Gmail to maximise reach.

First, we provide the campaign with the a target ROAS. Google’s machine learning algorithms then take into account user signals and historical performance to achieve the target. Setting a target ROAS provides protection against Google focusing on low value products.

Using custom labels, we then segmented the Smart Shopping campaign to ensure the grouping of relevant products, providing greater visibility on product performance.

Their Results

Proporta’s Smart Shopping campaign achieved a 26% higher ROAS and 16% lower CPA when compared to the test Target ROAS campaign.

This was brought about by an increased volume of traffic through mobile on the Smart Shopping campaign at a lower CPC. This accounted for an overall drop in CPC of 34%.

Such a significant fall in cost meant that there was a 61% overall increase click volume for only a 5% rise in investment.

Is Google Smart Shopping right for your business?

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