An alternative travel company took a break from in-house PPC. SearchStar's adventurous new campaign saw 27% more leads fly in...

About Regent Holidays

A travel company specialising in tailor-made tours and holidays to off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Iceland, Russia and North Korea.


Having run their PPC campaigns in-house with varied success, Regent Holidays wanted to improve the cost efficiency of their campaigns while increasing the volume and quality of leads.


SearchStar started managing the Regent Holidays account in February 2015 and immediately launched restructured campaigns in Google AdWords. The restructured campaigns were built around historically converting keywords as well as using a variety of keyword match types to broaden visibility and cover new search queries.

The new campaign structure allowed us to increase visibility of the Regent Holidays brand by focusing spend on the best performing keywords while ensuring we had a broad keyword coverage.

Year on year, the restructured campaigns are delivering more bookings for a lower cost.