Screentime Labs wanted to increase the awareness of their app parental control app, SearchStar stepped in with a mobile strategy that increased sign ups by 18%

The guys at SearchStar are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They give us confidence that our PPC campaigns are in very safe hands.

Steve Vangasse, Screentime Labs

About Screentime Labs

An app company which provides parents with the ability to set time limits of children’s tablets or phones.

Screen and device time is a big problem for parents, but they don’t often know there is a solution available.


SearchStar implemented a two-tier strategy.

First, we directed users searching for some kind of parental control solution to the website and encouraged them to sign up to the 14 day free trial of the product.

Second, we used mobile app install campaigns, both Search and Display, to advertise to people searching on Google and in the Google Play store for a device control app, sending them straight to download ScreenTime.


  • Cost per web sign up down 32%
  • App installs increased 18%
  • Non-brand CPC decreased 64%