Sew and So came to us to make the most of the Black Friday and Christmas sales period. Scaling up their Amazon activity we delivered a whopping 66% increase in return on ad spend.

“SearchStar consistently exceeds expectations - both in strategy and execution. They are passionate and invigorating to work with and never just 'settle'. There is a real drive to constantly deliver the best possible results, which is very much appreciated”

Kylie Featherstone, Marketing Manager

Sew and So

Sew and So is the UK's leading online sewing retailer, selling everything from cross stitch kits to sewing machines.

Their Objectives

Sew and So had been working with us on cross-channel campaigns as part of their wider digital strategy. So, when new advertising options became available in the Amazon platform we jumped on the opportunity to improve performance ahead of the peak Black Friday and Christmas sales period.

Our Approach

It quickly became clear that Sew and So had previously been using amazon’s auto-targeting capabilities. And while this approach can be powerful, it also has its drawbacks; keyword selection is inflexible and wastage relatively high.

Additionally, Amazon's auto-targeting made Sew and So susceptible to own-brand bidding and doubling up in search results for organically ranking terms.

Instead, through rigorous keyword research we identified a selection of relevant terms for each product and we rebuilt the account with these as our starting point. Regular optimisations - adding negative keyword lists, altering bids, and adding in new search terms to target - led to improvements in efficiency.

This manual approach gave us the flexibility to push the best performing products and grow the account, something that was lacking in the previous auto-targeted campaigns.

Their Results

Since moving to a manual approach we have seen great improvements. The new campaigns have have led to a 40% drop in Advertising Cost of Sale in the first month of activity alone. As a result, revenue is up 112% month on month, while return on advertising spend has increased by a massive 66%.

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