A specialist villa rental firm diversified their digital advertising and saw cost per booking drop 27%

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Lisa Leggate, To Tuscany

About To Tuscany

To Tuscany are a villa rental company offering a hand-picked selection of villas across the Tuscan region. Established in 1998, the team of Tuscan experts have visited every villa they offer throughout Chianti, Siena, Florence and more! The villas offered all come with a swimming pool, and vary from secluded romantic retreats for two, to an entire hamlet for 27 people!


We've worked with To Tuscany for many years and know that December to February is a peak research and booking period for villa rentals. This year To Tuscany set us the task of increasing bookings in the peak period compared to the same time last year.

We carried out a lot of testing in the months running up to the busy months to ensure we ran the campaigns as effectively as possible to drive bookings. We changed the landing page following an A/B test and introduced new features such as Smart Lists and Customer Match for search. We also made significant improvements to the existing YouTube ads in an attempt to lower the cost per booking. Additionally, we suggested a variety of new platforms in an attempt to increase the number of site visits and bookings during this period.

The platforms are:

  • Bing – tested previously by To Tuscany but with little success. We implemented a similar structure to our successful AdWords campaigns, and implemented new features such as image extensions.
  • Facebook – running prospecting and remarketing campaigns with both image and video ads. We also ran a campaign to drive Page Likes.
  • Twitter – running prospecting and remarketing with both video and image ads. We also ran a re-engagement campaign targeting users that had interacted with the prospecting video, encouraging them to visit the site and book a villa.


Results from 1 January – 29 February 2016

  • Bing: 17 bookings that were 30% cheaper than AdWords
  • AdWords: 123 bookings, up 98.39% on last years’ bookings, and cost per conversion is down 33.7%
  • Video campaigns: same number of conversions but conversion cost dropped 80.89%
  • Twitter: 27 bookings that were 55% cheaper than AdWords - nine of which were from video re-engagement campaign
  • Facebook: 10 bookings that were 35.4% cheaper than AdWords