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Social media advertising provides your customers with new touchpoints, offering them an opportunity to discover your brand in an intimate and informal setting.


Our dedicated social ads team, specialists across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Snapchat, Pinterest and every platform in between, means that no audience is unreachable.

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“Search Star and Jo were a breath of fresh air. Enthusiastic, pragmatic and knowledgeable.

"They treated our budgets like they were their own. We quickly built a great relationship and I implicitly trusted them enabling me to give them the space to work their magic.”

Adrian Dawe, Founder, Bookabees

Be where your customers are

Advertising on social platforms is unique. Not only is social media highly visual, the information we all share on a day-to-day basis opens up powerful targeting capabilities for advertisers.

The data put at your fingertips by the likes of Facebook and Instagram, means that you can easily target users already interested in your brand, and effectively expand the reach of your campaign to audiences with the same interests.

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Paid Social Case Studies

  • Bookabees

    When Bookabees subscribed to our idea of using Facebook to promote their high-value "keep" model, we knew we'd be able to tell the story of their brand to a far wider and more engaged audience. The results were magical.

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  • Aman Resorts

    Generic search wasn't working for Aman Resorts. Instead, we helped them discover new high-value customers with aspirational social media advertising.

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  • UWE Bristol

    UWE Bristol wanted to grow its share of the US education market and the proportion of American students coming to study in the South West.

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