Supporting In-House

If you’re running – or want to run - your digital marketing activity in-house, how do you know you’re getting the most out of it?

From quarterly audits or automated alerts, to ongoing collaborative management and strategic planning, we can tailor our support to help your team do more.

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“Search Star has a can-do, flexible approach to suit the needs of the client. The team know their subject and innovate to achieve account growth”

Annette Read, London & Country

Make the most of what you've got

Our In-House Consultancy service is designed to support and train internal marketing teams to optimise, maintain and grow their digital marketing activity.

We ensure that businesses get the best of both worlds; the product expertise and focus of internal teams, married with the innovation, industry knowledge and flexibility of an agency.

SearchStar’s 60 strong team and strong skill set can be adapted to meet your business needs. Whether it's use of our programmatic trading desk, quarterly PPC audits, analytics monitoring or tech stack setup we're here to support your team however we can.

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In-House Consultancy Case Studies

  • London & Country

    London and Country loved the control of managing their own paid search, but wanted to retain the insight and expertise of an agency. Our in-house support blended audits, market reports and data analysis to keep their campaigns in peak condition.

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  • Oak Furniture Land

    Oak Furniture Land weren’t getting everything out of paid search. They needed a fresh perspective in order to boost performance. Fortunately, we were able to provide some additional polish.

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  • Optimise

    Ensure your existing ad accounts are in the best possible shape. We’ll identify obstacles to success, highlight areas for immediate improvement and work with you to create a road-map towards best practice across all your digital activity.

  • Maintain

    We blend clever automation with hands-on assistance. You can rest easy that our tools and services will keep your digital ad campaigns running effectively, efficiently, and error-free – or we can simply manage activity when you’re not able to.

  • Convert

    Working closely with your marketing team, we'll examine what is currently happening on your website, why it's happening and recommend what you should do about it to improve performance.

  • Grow

    Our in-house consultants will help you reach the next level of digital success, providing analysis and insight to identify new opportunities, strategies and platforms.

  • Training

    Take advantage of bespoke training days, workshops and support to ensure that your team has the skills and knowledge they need to deliver great performance from your digital marketing activity.

  • Bespoke Support

    No two clients are the same, and we’ll work with you to define the exact in-house consultancy package that best meets your needs.