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If you want to keep your website healthy, truly understand its performance, or get you A/B testing plans off the ground, it's essential to have conversion and analytics knowledge in-house.

Our virtual training means you and your team can continue to up-skill with the training usually offered at SearchStar HQ, while working from home.

Our virtual training sessions are designed to improve your understanding of conversion and analytics, and equip you with the tools needed to drive tangible performance improvements and derive meaningful business insight.

Your Training Team

Jon Boon
Lead Analytics Consultant

Since 2016 Jon has headed up the Analytics Team at SearchStar and managed SearchStar’s GMP Partnership (formally Google Analytics Partnership). Jo...

Joe Johnston
Lead Conversion Consultant

Joe has worked across digital marketing for over nine years, starting out in PR, moving into digital content creation and...

"Jon Boon - he's an absolute genius. Not only does he know analytics inside out, he is able to communicate the reasons for changes and measurements of the data in a way that everyone can understand.

"Add in his clever wit and communicating with Jon on a regular basis is a pleasure - I've never enjoyed dealing with analytics and data more."

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