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Were a leading UK independent PPC and digital media agency. Tried, tested and trusted, we achieve outstanding results by forging strong client relationships and applying digital strategies that work hard for you.

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Our approach to PPC is informed by sharp insight, creative thinking, relentless innovation and rigorous attention to detail.

SearchStar do a fantastic job managing all of our online advertising. They help to increase conversions year on year and are continually looking for ways to improve our performance across Google, Bing, Display and Social media.

Adam Johnstone, Good Energy

Creative display

Display is no longer just about branding. Audience and placement targeting options give you access to a finely tuned set of potential customers.

Superb, one of the best search and media agencies I've worked with. Not only do they know every detail of your search and media strategy, but they can optimise your creative as well.

Tom Benton, Danone

Connecting the clicks

We can help you cut through all the data, turning the numbers into genuine insight, and using our findings to suggest better ways forward for your business.

I've never met anyone with such an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics. Jon's understanding of this tool has been massively influential to the way that Good Energy operates, helping us to identify issues with the sites and track users accurately across the entire site.

Jennifer Jackson, Good Energy

Start converting

Conversion optimisation is about continually improving the performance of your website, to make sure it’s working as hard as it can be for your business.

The work SearchStar have done on our Analytics and Conversion Optimisation has been first class. I am pretty cynical about web services in all these areas so it has been a really refreshing change to work with a company who are professional with no BS.

Alastair Donnelly, InsideAsia Tours Ltd

Get in the know

If you want to keep your website healthy and your traffic flowing, it’s always worth having some PPC and Analytics knowledge in house.

"Jon Boon - he's an absolute genius. Not only does he know analytics inside out, he is able to communicate the reasons for changes and measurements of the data in a way that everyone can understand.

"Add in his clever wit and communicating with Jon on a regular basis is a pleasure - I've never enjoyed dealing with analytics and data more."

Good Energy

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