Events & Webinars

Our programme of forward-thinking conferences and talks is constructed to provide advertisers across the UK and internationally with the knowledge they need to achieve their growth ambitions in the long term.

You can find links to all of our webinar recordings below, or head over to our YouTube channel and have a browse.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Replacing our annual conference is a series of 3 pre-recorded seminars from industry leaders Google, Conductor & Beyo Global, launching October 2020.

Now available on-demand:

The Future of Digital Advertising: 2021 & Beyond | Watch Now >

The Future of Global Marketing: 2021 & Beyond | Watch Now >

The Future of SEO: 2021 & Beyond | Watch Now >

Past Events On-Demand

eCommerce Q4 2020: Digital Briefing

Q4 2020 is going to be a quarter like never before for retail businesses - the monumental impact of Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through the industry. With the future of bricks and mortar retail in the balance, it's essential that your marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders ahead of Q4 2020.

You can watch the publicly shareable recording here >>>

OR, to get the full-version including Google-insight, you can request to sign the NDA by getting in touch >>>

Analytics & Conversion, 2021 & Beyond

SearchStar’s analytics and conversion conference returns from Monday 22nd of June. Join us for a week of short informative and actionable webinars focused on the cutting edge of conversion and analytics.

Missed the conference? Don't worry - we've put them all in one place so you can watch them on-demand. Watch now >>>


In this, the first in the ADFUTURES20 series, Lars Kossmann from Facebook will talk about the coming developments in the Facebook Advertising platform and the opportunities currently available to advertisers.

This event has now passed, but you can read the summary here >>>


YouTubeXADFUTURES is an exclusive chance to go behind the scenes at YouTube and discover what the platform can do for advertisers. You'll leave with a better understanding of upcoming YouTube products, what achieving success on YouTube entails and what it could do for your brand.

This event has now passed, but you can read the summary here >>>

Conversion & Analytics: Creating Your Blueprint for Success

This webinar, part of the SearchStar Shorts series, explores the critical importance conversion and analytics (COA) has to your business success, whether it's through advertising or otherwise. And, going beyond theory, two of our COA consultants will take you on a guided tour of our Google Analytics Scorecard and Landing Page Scorecard, helping you to create your own blueprint for success.

This webinar has now passed, view the recording right here >>>


Initially intended to be an exclusive event behind closed doors at Microsoft Advertising's UK headquarters, this is now being held as a webinar for all due to the unfolding outbreak of COVID-19. All the content remains the same, so the only thing you'll be missing out on is the complimentary coffee and erudite SearchStar conversation.

This webinar has now passed, view the recording here >>>

Organic vs. Paid Search on Amazon: Why You Need Both

As with advertising on Google, the process of getting your products seen - and bought - on Amazon has two cornerstones; Organic and Paid Search. As much as some would have you believe that one is more important than the other - and each does have its advantages - true success on the Amazon platform requires a more holistic approach to search marketing.

This webinar has now passed, view the recording here >>>