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Meet the team. Happy, obliging, and skilled at what they do. But most importantly, a group of dedicated individuals pulling together to make your business more successful.

  • Dan

    FallonManaging Director

    More about Dan

    I graduated from Warwick University with an economics degree back in 1992, then spent three happy years travelling and doing sales work before landing a job with MediaCom in 1995.

    A decade later, I founded SearchStar. Old school direct response PPC is my stock in trade – after all, I’ve been doing it for about as long as it’s been around.

    As a middle-aged professional man, it goes without saying that I’m a keen cyclist. I’ve a weakness for decent booze, 80s gangsta rap and sailing (often at the same time). In my experience, being direct and honest makes life far simpler, and I’ve always found that the harder I work, the luckier I get. Funny, that.

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  • Emma

    ChunDirector of Client Success

    More about Emma

    During university, I kept myself in textbooks and wine by importing and selling flip flops. After graduating with a first in international business studies and Spanish, I spent a year in Granada before returning to the UK to become SearchStar’s fourth-ever employee.

    Five years on, I head up a crack team of PPC experts, and together we build and manage top-notch campaigns for a host of lead-generation and e-commerce clients.

    Since moving to the countryside, my free time has become a lot more laid back: cycle rides and walks to the pub, cooking, growing vegetables...even crochet. But don’t be fooled: I’m still one of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet. Actually, make that the most competitive...

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  • Ryan

    WebbConversion & Analytics Director

    More about Ryan

    I studied economics at Reading University, then spent five years in direct marketing, five years in digital marketing, and five years designing and building websites that convert. I think it’s fair to say that digital marketing is my ‘thing’.

    That’s why SearchStar was a dream career move for me. As Conversion & Analytics Director, it’s my job to overhaul clients’ websites and send conversion rates through the roof. Oh, and testing. Lots of testing.

    When I’m not working miracles with landing pages, I spend my time being a dad (without being too much of a ‘dad’), following Gloucester Rugby, geocaching, and reading about behavioural economics.

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  • Ed

    CullifordStrategy Director

    More about Ed
  • Laura

    PinneyAccount Director

    More about Laura

    A 1:1 in business management and marketing won me my first job at a small digital agency in Bristol – but I soon outgrew my role as one half of a two-person PPC team, and within a year I’d made the move to SearchStar.

    I’m the biggest fan of Twitter ads – if it’s over 140 characters, I ain’t interested. Well, no, that’s not true – I’m interested in all aspects of PPC, especially remarketing, and I’m also a dab hand with Google DoubleClick.

    I’m currently transforming my balcony into a vegetable patch and battling a serious Diet Coke addiction. I also put my commute to good use by learning French from a talking CD, probably while looking like a crazy person to fellow motorists.

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  • David

    MooneyAccount Director

    More about David

    I graduated with a degree in maths and philosophy from the University of Bristol before diving straight into a career in digital marketing – first as an analyst, then as a PPC account executive for an agency in Bristol.

    It wasn’t long until SearchStar came calling, and I’ve been happily ensconced here since summer 2015. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m well-versed in most aspects of biddable media, which I’d put down to my strong mathematical background. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I do actually play the trumpet.

    Outside of work, I’m a confirmed music lover and festival fanatic. I’ve been known to use the entirety of my holiday allowance to attend as many of them as possible.

  • Vicky

    SmithAccount Director

    More about Vicky

    I got my first taste of digital marketing during a year abroad as part of my degree in German and politics. Although I didn’t know it at the time, SEO link-building in Hamburg would lay the foundations for a fulfilling post-university career in PPC account management.

    After earning my agency stripes working on accounts like and GAP, I joined SearchStar in 2013. Since then, I’ve continued to expand my knowledge of search, display, shopping, and social advertising.

    When I’m not strolling the cliffs and beaches of Clevedon with my soon-to-be husband, James, I can be found brandishing a large stick for the Somerset Gryphons hockey club.

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  • Jack

    SladekSenior Account Manager

    More about Jack

    I’ve lived and worked in Bath my whole life. I started my career in IT support before making the leap to PPC, although I still get called upon to fix computers, phones, printers – basically, anything with a current.

    I look after a pretty broad roster of clients, but I specialise in e-commerce and mobile campaigns. I’m also the go-to guy when it comes to anything IT-related.

    In my spare time I’m a DIY fanatic, and I’m in the middle of building a freaking awesome quadcopter. I can also type the entire alphabet in 2.8 seconds (proof available on request). Can you imagine a car full of cocktail sticks that you couldn’t fit just one more stick into? No, you can’t. Nobody can…

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  • Ian

    BattenSenior Account Manager

    More about Ian

    After three years of laying on the beach setting up an array of small digital ventures, I managed to graduate from Bournemouth University with a degree in marketing. Looking to follow on from my passion for digital, I moved into the world of PPC in 2013.

    As well as being an account manager at SearchStar, I also stand as the go-to Google Shopping guru.

    When I’m not spending my spare time touring Bristol sipping on free beer, you’ll probably find me in the restaurant next door grilling the waiter as part of a mystery shop. Yes, there really is such a thing as a free lunch – and if there’s any leftover salad, I’ll probably be sharing it with one of my 12 spur-thighed tortoises.

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  • Elliot

    SheenSenior Account Manager

    More about Elliot

    After leaving college, I picked up a professional certificate in marketing from the CIM before diving into an advanced apprenticeship in marketing. From there, it’s been marketing, marketing and – you guessed it – more marketing.

    I’m into all aspects of digital advertising, but I specialise in display campaigns and techy stuff like Google Tag Manager. I’m especially proud of the YouTube campaigns I’ve run for Penguin and Harper Collins.

    Outside of work, you can find me compiling epic Spotify playlists, scaling rock faces, riding my motorbike like a badass and generally living life to the EXTREME. I also enjoy dropping fat basslines and spitting bars as SearchStar’s in-house MC.

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  • Fergal

    CrottyAccount Manager

    More about Fergal

    After graduating with a degree in communications from Leeds University, I returned to my native Carmarthen for a brief but soul-destroying spell working in a high street jewellers. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before I landed a role at SearchStar.

    Display advertising is my specialist subject, although I’m pretty handy when it comes to Google Shopping campaigns, too. I’ve also become a bit of an expert in ethical finance (which isn’t necessarily an oxymoron).

    I’m a Glastonbury veteran, photography fanatic and proud adoptive father to a cat named Hank. I’m also conversant in Welsh and Italian, and completely fluent in Simpsons quotes. If you can name a band who are better than The Beatles, I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Elouise

    JamesAccount Manager

    More about Elouise

    After studying for a marketing management degree in Cardiff, I found myself a job at a digital marketing agency, and that’s where I first fell in love with PPC. After a brief stint as an in-house marketing executive, I realised that agency-side was where I wanted to be.

    Around the same time, I decided to up sticks and leave Wales behind, and before long I found myself on the other side of the Severn bridge as an account manager at SearchStar. I’m a massive fan of pivot tables – if there’s data I can pivot, then I will.

    I’m also all about food. I love to cook it, watch shows about it, and eat it (of course). I love going on holiday, too – in fact, I went on three last year. Although I never seem to come back with a tan…

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  • Jo

    PhillipsAccount Manager

    More about Jo

    After graduating with a degree in economics and politics from the University of Manchester, I spent four years working across all aspects of digital marketing and social media before heading to the South West to up my PPC game – although I’ll always be a proud Brummie at heart.

    I don’t really have a specialism – when it comes to PPC, I like to think I’m a jack of all trades. Outside of work, you'll find me in a theatre – I help amateur companies with marketing, and I occasionally work as a stage manager on productions. I play violin, I love gardening, and always seem to be ditching half completed DIY projects.

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  • Hannah

    Ray-QuanceAccount Manager

    More about Hannah
  • Rob

    LanganAccount Manager

    More about Rob
  • Eliot

    ShinerAccount Manager

    More about Eliot

    After graduating in Music Technology from the University of Stafford, I jetted off for six months of backpacking around the world.

    I enjoy the analytical side of things as well as putting my creative side to good use. My well-honed skills in data analysis are put to good use at SearchStar, not to mention I’m a dab hand with pivot tables!

    In my spare time I love to cook and eat just about anything. I’m also really into snowboarding and producing/ remixing chill out music – which has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and cruise ships/elevators worldwide.

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  • Ali

    VowlesAccount Manager

    More about Ali
  • Nick

    CraneSenior Account Executive

    More about Nick

    I got my first taste of marketing during a placement year at Hewlett Packard as a Graphic Designer. After graduating with a first in IT Management for Business, I decided the marketing life was the one for me and joined a small digital marketing agency in Bristol.

    After working on all aspects of digital marketing campaigns, I soon realised my calling was in AdWords and Analytics – perfect for a move to SearchStar!

    When I’m not in work you’ll find me leading a simple life doing the things I love with family and friends – life experiences matter most to me and I’m always looking for the next place on the map to explore.

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  • Sophie

    TurnerSenior Account Executive

    More about Sophie

    I studied business and marketing management at Oxford Brookes University, during which time I undertook a digital marketing internship at Miele. After graduating, I got a job as an online media executive with a full-service agency before joining SearchStar to concentrate on paid search.

    I don’t really specialise in anything in particular – at the moment I’m just enjoying working across the many and varied aspects of PPC.

    Outside of digital marketing, I like playing music, listening to music, reading about music…you know. Music. I’m also into films and photography, and I’ve recently taken up running…for fun

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  • Gemma

    PhilpottSenior Account Executive

    More about Gemma

    I graduated with a degree in English literature, but my thirst for knowledge hasn’t been quenched – I’m now studying for the CIM Professional Marketing Certificate. Before joining SearchStar I worked in an outbound sales role, which helped pave the way for a career in PPC.

    What I really enjoy about marketing is getting inside people’s heads and figuring out what makes them tick (or should I say, ‘click’). I also love working with travel and lifestyle clients.

    As for what makes me tick, I’d have to say sushi, gin, music festivals and glitter. I once had to be rescued by the AA man while I was dressed as a banana – this sort of thing actually happens to me quite a lot…

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  • Katie

    SpencerSenior Account Executive

    More about Katie

    I started my career in digital at Callcredit, where I spent three years as a marketing executive after leaving school. I then rewarded myself with four blissful months travelling around Australia and South East Asia before joining the display team at SearchStar.

    The bulk of my work time is spent on DoubleClick, with the odd foray into paid social and traditional PPC. I’m also fascinated by all the useful things HTML5 can do for our clients.

    I love getting out and about with friends and family, although I also spend a lot of time binge watching TV series with my kitten Fitz and my partner Tim. When I’m not watching films or enjoying a good book, you can usually find me planning my next trip away over a glass of gin and tonic

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  • Hannah

    WoodSenior Account Executive

    More about Hannah
  • Harriet

    BarterAccount Executive

    More about Harriet

    I graduated from the University of Exeter with first class honours in Italian and Spanish. My course included a year abroad, which I spent in Italy studying at the University of Ferrara, working for Giorgio Armani, eating ice cream and drinking lots of Aperol. It’s a hard life.

    Foreign languages are my specialist subject – mainly Spanish and Italian, but also (extremely rusty) French, all of which come in handy when writing ads for our increasingly international client base.

    In my spare time I love playing netball, running (half marathons because I’m only half crazy), travelling, baking, and strong coffee. My favourite quote? ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’

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  • Holly

    WickhamAccount Executive

    More about Holly
  • Nick

    FifeAccount Executive

    More about Nick
  • Jon

    BoonSenior Analytics Consultant

    More about Jon

    While studying for a marketing degree in Bristol, I undertook a placement year at a charity called SOFA Project, who refurbish unwanted furniture and appliances and find them new homes. After graduating I spent three years client-side in various marketing roles before moving to True Digital to hone my Analytics skills. By the time I left, I’d become Senior Analyst, which stood me in good stead for my role at SearchStar.

    Outside of data analysis, I’m a huge fitness fan. I spend a lot of time in the gym, although I recently tried my hand (well, feet) at running and did several 10Ks. I tackled my first Tough Mudder in 2016, and now I have my sights set on The Battle of Lansdown.

    My favourite quote is from Hannibal (the Carthaginian military leader, not the fictional serial killer): ‘aut viam invenium aut faciam’ – it’s Latin and translates to ‘I shall either find a way or make one’. In fact, I like it so much that I got it tattooed on me. See if you can guess where…

  • Jarrah

    WebsterCRO Consultant

    More about Jarrah

    I graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English and drama – in fact, I enjoyed my time there so much that I spent the next four years on the university’s marketing team, gaining an invaluable CIM diploma in the process.

    Since landing a job at SearchStar, I’ve been getting to grips with the weird and wonderful world of CRO. From multivariate testing to landing page optimisation, I’m now well-versed in what it takes to turn a mediocre website into a lean, mean, lead-generating machine.

    Other than complete CRO mastery, my mission in life is to see as many wonders of the world as possible (next stop: Machu Picchu). Closer to home, I spend a lot of time baking and hanging out with my lovely (if slightly needy) cat, Shelby.

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  • Jamie

    WillmottCRO Consultant

    More about Jamie

    I discovered my passion for polishing up websites while working as a website officer for a district council. Then, after two years at Clarks as a web data analyst, I joined the CRO team at SearchStar.

    Coming from a data analysis background, my experience lies in finding insight among data and qualitative sources, which is a fundamental part of CRO. Once you’ve got your insights, the fun of A/B testing can begin!

    Outside of work, I like keeping fit, which often entails hitting the gym first thing in the morning – yes, I’m one of those types. I actually feel a little guilty sitting down all day. If only the thrill of analysing websites burned calories…

    One of my favourite quotes is from Winston Churchill: ‘the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’

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  • Jamie

    BevanConversion & Analytics Executive

    More about Jamie

    I started off my journey at SearchStar as an intern while studying for a degree in computing. After narrowly managing to avoid being the tea boy for around four months, I was offered a full time role after my graduation.

    My real passion is for spreadsheets (tragic I know), with a particular interest in all things dynamic. Building and producing automated dashboards and reporting tools enables me to dedicate more time to important things, such as making the teas I neglected to make during my internship - or at least that’s the theory. I work within SearchStar’s display team, where I indulge in some big juicy data.

    In my spare time I enjoy music, especially when experienced live and often find myself at music festivals and events. I also try to play the guitar and ski on a regular basis, but rarely at the same time.

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  • Jenny

    JamesData Manager

    More about Jenny

    I funded my PhD in polymer physics (which involved lots of lasers and jelly) with various IT jobs, specialising in information management and system design. I also worked in a couple of space science laboratories before making the giant leap to SearchStar.

    Now I develop and maintain all things Excel and data-related, including our bespoke reporting tool, StARS. I’m occasionally known as Dr Picky or Jenny Red-Pen for my perfectionist tendencies…

    I’m married to a bird-nerd physicist and have two beautiful children, Freddie and Sarah. What little spare time I have is spent growing flowers and veggies in my jungle of a garden, and having a go at being creative – most recently through the medium of fondant icing.

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  • Martin

    PooleFinance Manager

    More about Martin

    I spent a large chunk of my career in the music industry, working for artists like George Clinton and Rudimental. Chasing payments for SearchStar has been a bit of a change of pace, but I’m not complaining.

    Now I oversee the financial side of the business, which includes extracting money from clients by any means necessary...

    I may have traded sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for Sage and spreadsheets, but music will always be in my blood. Outside of work, I try to get to as many gigs as I can, and I still manage a couple of artists in my spare time. I’m also a big cricket fan, and I love to bake when I get the chance.

  • Donna

    MooreOperations Director

    More about Donna

    I began my career as an IT nerd, but it wasn’t until I started doing SEO for a recruitment website that I discovered my true calling: marketing. A spell heading up a recruitment marketing team in London soon led to client services and content planning for an SEO agency in Bristol.

    Of course, it wasn’t long before I saw the light of PPC, and now I’m SearchStar’s Operations Director. And to think I almost ended up in programming…

    Other than my family, my main passion in life is food, glorious food. Cooking it, eating it, feeding family, feeding friends – you name it. I also love outdoor pursuits like camping, sailing, surfing (badly), and swimming. Oh, and making lists. Couldn’t you tell?

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  • Steph

    IlesNew Business Director

    More about Steph
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