Alexandra wanted to supercharge its growth within the healthcare industry, with the aim of reclaiming the title of number one healthcare workwear provider.

"We have worked with Grace & David for a number of years and value them as part of our digital team. They don’t just offer us a PPC service but continually stretch our thinking and challenge our strategy. This is shown in the results they are producing for us. The team are a joy to work with bringing professionalism but in a friendly and supportive manner."

Dan Grove, Alexandra


Alexandra has been manufacturing high-quality workwear garments since 1854. They’re the UK’s number 1 healthcare workwear provider and sit at the forefront of the healthcare uniform industry.

Their Objectives

The workwear industry is a heavily competitive market with large brands who have even larger budgets. We wanted to refocus the Alexandra strategy back to promote what they do best; Healthcare.

Keeping this at the front of their UK wide digital activity. Our goal was to increase overall revenue and visibility within their core market at the same time we were pulling back on less profitable markets, all while delivering improved efficiencies.

Our Approach

Working with Alexandra to analyse its top-performing products, we took this insight and used it to implement a product-specific, fully-automated search and shopping strategy.

Firstly, search campaigns were restructured and expanded to focus on top-performing products within the healthcare market. Fresh creative drove users to newly crafted landing pages, with ‘Target CPA’ smart bidding implemented across all search campaigns.

This approach meant we were driving relevant traffic to exactly the right product with relevant advertising. And the ‘Target CPA’ strategy meant that bids were automatically set to capture as many conversions possible.

The success of automated bidding strategies across the account then drove us to execute a Smart Shopping campaign, which has transformed results. This campaign subtype combines standard shopping and display remarketing, as well as automated bidding and ad placement to promote products across the most relevant ads throughout the Google network.

Target ROAS was our Smart Shopping bidding strategy of choice. This meant that throughout the campaign shopping bids are automatically optimised at auction time, meaning that all bids are tailored specifically for each and every auction to maximise revenue and hit a defined ROAS.

Their Results

Since the new strategy launched within the first quarter of 2019 we have seen consistent improvements each month, with generic search revenue up 43% and shopping revenue up 77%. Furthermore, our industry focus and automated approach to bidding led to a 14% improvement in ROI.

Have you tried smart bidding and automation?

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