Canton Tea Co needed an agency to improve their PPC campaigns, SearchStar delivered strong results

SearchStar feels like an extension of our in-house team which is a lovely way to work. They provide expertise and additional value that as a small company we will never have in house.

Scarlett Swallow, Canton Tea Co

About Canton Tea Co

Canton Tea Co specialise in high quality, ethical tea that is sourced from small family-run farms.


Canton Tea Co were looking to grow their PPC campaigns and improve the performance through the summer months in preparation for their peak season over winter.

We worked closely with Canton Tea Co to understand their business goals, which were to increase sales and bring costs in line with their target ROI - something that was previously unattainable when PPC was managed in-house. 


On taking over the account, we carried out the following to improve performance:

  • Overall account restructure
  • Implementation of Google Shopping - segmentation by product ID to allow for granular bidding
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • RLSA

During their peak season (Nov 16-Jan 17), under SearchStar's management sales increased 95% and cost per conversion decreased 52% compared to the same period the year before when the campaigns were managed in-house.