An independent loan provider needed deeper insight into their performance data. SearchStar were more than willing to lend a hand...

About Everyday Loans

Everyday Loans is an independent lender owned by the Secure Trust Bank. They offer unsecured personal loans of up to £12,500 and have local branches around the UK.


Everyday Loans were keen to leverage advanced data-driven attribution modelling. They wanted to compare the performance of each paid media channel so they could make better decisions around budget allocation and optimisation. SearchStar helped Everyday Loans develop a digital media tracking strategy and built an app for uploading cost data.


After evaluating the multi-channel Funnel data, SearchStar identified the maximum conversion window and created a custom attribution model based on Everyday Loans’ unique values for user behaviour, micro conversions and engagement.

Once the model was agreed, credit was distributed according to the value of each individual interaction and its position in the customer journey. Furthermore, a hypothesis was created allowing Everyday Loans to allocate budget across all marketing channels to ensure that it was utilised as effectively as possible. SearchStar continued to work closely with Everyday Loans for the next four months to offer advice and recommendations.