Sew and So's shopping campaigns weren't performing. Turning to automation, we let Google's algorithms take control, improving ROAS and giving us the time to think about bigger, cleverer things.

“Search Star consistently exceeds expectations - both in strategy and execution. They are passionate and invigorating to work with and never just 'settle' - there is a real drive to constantly deliver the best possible results, which is very much appreciated”

Kylie Featherstone, Marketing Manager

Sew and So

Sew and So is the UK's leading online sewing retailer, selling everything from cross stitch kits to sewing machines.

Their Objectives

Having always worked to a blended ROAS target (which included brand), Sew and So wanted to focus more closely on increasing non-brand ROAS.

Their Shopping activity had always been a cause for concern, rarely meeting the desired ROAS targets. However, the client understood the importance of running these campaigns and, through attribution, the additional impact they were having on brand performance.

As part of a new business objective, moving away from a blended ROAS approach, the client wanted to be able to consistently achieve the desired ROAS through shopping ads as this was an area they understood would grow their business.

Our Approach

As part of our new agency framework, working alongside Google's recommendations, SearchStar proposed trialling an automated bidding strategy to see if the desired ROAS could be achieved using machine learning. Letting Google's algorithms take the reins, we set-up two of the highest volume shopping campaigns using the bidding strategy, Target ROAS.

While the new bidding strategy took a week or so to learn about CTRs and AOVs, it was able to quickly demonstrate it knew how to optimise towards Sew and So's best customers. We were quite quickly able to see the results significantly improve across the account.

With the shopping campaigns automated, time has been freed up to test other areas of activity. For instance, we are now running Dynamic Search Ads using intelligent in-market audience segments, which has delivered a positive uplift in performance.

From this position, we will soon be able to trial more generic audience overlays and bring learnings about new areas of non-brand search to bear on the account, further growing online presence and bolstering sales.

Their Results

Looking at 6 weeks with target ROAS vs 6 the weeks before without any automation (other than eCPC):

  • We’ve been able to spend 30% less to generate the same amount of revenue
  • We’ve seen a 43% increase in ROAS and are now exceeding the clients ROAS targets

After such a success across the shopping activity, target ROAS is now being trialled across some of the higher volume search campaigns, with initial results looking incredibly positive.

Have you tried smart bidding and automation?

We've found that the smart bidding, automation and machine learning options available through Google Ads have helped drastically increase account performance for many of our clients. To discuss the best route for you to take, get in touch >>>