Something was blocking this high-end furniture maker's sales funnel. Landing page optimisation helped them turn the tables and reduce costs by 95%...

“SearchStar’s new landing pages helped us generate more sales from AdWords, resulting in our best month yet! We are more than happy to recommend them.”

Simon Kohn, Simon Kohn Furniture

About Simon Kohn

Highly regarded furniture makers, based in Bristol. Over the past 30 years, Simon Kohn have built a reputation for their outstanding contemporary design for both private and commercial sectors.


Simon Kohn were eager to increase their online presence. SearchStar were confident that high quality search traffic was being directed to the Simon Kohn website, but results were being held back by the website’s overall conversion rate. As Simon Kohn Furniture had such attractive, premium products, SearchStar ran a landing page test with the aim of creating an online experience as premium as Simon Kohn's products.


The original Simon Kohn landing pages were analysed and opportunities for improvement were identified. The main areas we identified were as follows:

  • The original page didn’t have a clear call to action
  • Existing page was too text heavy
  • No on-page testimonials from previous clients
  • Contact form was small and hidden away
  • Site was dated and in need of modernising

Unbounce was used to create a landing page for A/B testing purposes. Our primary concern was making the user journey clearer and the landing page more conversion friendly. To do so we:

  • Made the call-to-action more obvious
  • Reduced the on-page text
  • Added concise descriptions of how Simon Kohn Furniture work and what materials they use in production
  • Employed a minimalist design in order to modernise the look and feel of the site
  • Increased the size of the contact form to make the conversion process clearer

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with the test landing page generating more conversions than the original page at a lower cost.

As a results Simon Kohn replaced their existing landing pages using the templates created by SearchStar.